EMF RF shielding paint – avoid these 3 common mistakes

EMF radiation also called EM radiation is proving to be the new health problem of the 21st century, potentially affecting the health and lives of millions of people.  Some compare it to the cigarette health crisis of the 20th century. There is one big difference though. Humanity has become totally dependent on electricity and telecommunication in every aspect of our lives. The level of EMR or Electromagnetic radiation is a direct consequence of the level of usage of electrical appliances and telecommunication devices. So to be realistic about it, the question you need to ask yourself is how to protect yourself from radiation?  There are many aspects to an effective EMF radiation protection strategy as follows:

  1. Educate yourself and understand about sources of EMF in your life
  2. Educate yourself and gain better understanding of radiation protection devices, including cell phone radiation protection devices, laptop radiation protection devices, tablet radiation protection devices, dirty electricity neutralizing devices, RF EMF radiation shielding paints, RF EMF radiation shielding fabrics and materials.
  3. Apply work and life style behavioral modifications as much as possible with regards to your usage of mobile telecommunication devices. This is not easy but can be done and we will talk more about it in other posts.
  4. Implement EMF protective measures in your home and work place. This includes putting into place some or all of the radiation protection devices and materials mentioned above

EMF shielding paint is an essential component of EMF radiation protection. To set up an effective EMF shield you need to make sure that the overall level of radiation in all bandwidths  decreases in other words you need to make sure that you are not creating a second problem while solving the first.

  • EMF protection requires both technological and behavioural counter measures.
  • Applying only technological measures may not be enough or in some cases is counter productive.
  •  Applying behavioural measures requires basic understanding how the technology works.

 A case in point is the application of  RF (radio frequency) EMF shielding paint on a wall that faces an external source of microwave radiation (e.g. a base station or telecommunication tower or a smart meter). You can find good RF blocking paints here.

The popular RF shielding paints work mostly by reflecting RF radiation (bouncing it back same as a mirror reflects light). For example a typical RF shielding paint may reflect 85 to 88 percent of the radiation, absorb up to 10 percent and  allow 2 to 5 percent to go through, thus providing a total of 95 to 98 percent reduction in EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

However, the reflective property of the RF shielding paint may actually increase levels of EMF in the shielded room  if we continue to use our Wi-Fi router  and mobile phones in close proximity. Why is that? Because some of the radiation generated by the Wi-Fi router or mobile phone, which would normally exit  the house via the wall would now be reflected back into the house by the RF shielding paint.

It seems like a catch-22 situation. Well, the best solution is to remove any Wi-Fi equipment from the shielded room, including Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi enable devices such as PCs and laptops that use Wi-Fi  to connect to Internet  Furthermore, we need to avoid using mobile phones, blue tooth, blue tooth enabled devices, DECT phones and similar devices in the shielded room.
Of course, ideally we would not use Wi-Fi at home at all  (by turning off the Wi-Fi option on the router. more on that later) and also stop using mobile phones at home. Just use the land-line or Skype from home and connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable.

Another issue to consider is windows and doors. If you leave windows and doors without suitable shielding, EMF may enter via these openings and then would bounce back and forth between the walls that have been shielded! Therefore, you also need to consider using additional shielding materials or shielding fabrics to make curtains for the windows and doors. Make the curtains larger than the window frame to prevent RF leaking via the space between the window and the curtain. You can find good EMF shielding fabrics here. You may also have to add special partitions covered with  a good RF blocking paint  where it is not possible to paint the walls.

Last but not least – a strong word of caution. Shielding paint should be grounded. Special grounding plates and conductive adhesive strips are used to ground the shielding paint to a ground point. You can find EMF grounding accessories here. The grounding and installation of the plates should be done by a qualified electrician only!

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