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The main purpose of the EMF Help website is to educate people about the inherent health risks associated with electromagnetic fields (EMF) and their radiation (EMR) generated when using or being close to electrical wiring, electrical devices, mobile telecommunication and Internet services and equipment.

We are a group of people with diverse scientific and technological backgrounds including engineering, medical and health sciences. Some of us have experienced health problems triggered by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from Wi-Fi and cell phones (mobile phones) – with a wide range of otherwise unexplained and undiagnosed symptoms including: headaches, nausea, chronic fatigue and reduced immunity. This has recently been recognised as a syndrome given several names including electromagnetic sensitivity, EMF sensitivity,  electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EMF hypersensitivity. The name is not really important. Rather it is important that we all realize that this health condition is not psychosomatic or imagined. It is very real, and people that have been unfortunate to be affected by EMF radiation are like the canary in the coal-mine serving as an advance warning signal of clear and present danger.

Technology keeps racing ahead. It has many benefits but also exposes us to very serious health risks. EMF are Electromagnetic fields that oscillate at frequencies that range from Low Frequencies (LF) generated by electrical wires to Radio frequencies (RF) generated by radio transmitters, microwave telecommunication and radar stations at the high end of the scale of the electromagnetic frequencies bandwidth. These frequencies are used to carry various forms of digital information. However it is very important to understand that these fields also propagate electromagnetic radiation. This radiation was thought to be benign, as it is non-ionising (does not knock out electrons out of orbit) but a growing body of scientific evidence supports the conclusions stated in the Bio-initiative report 2012 – summarized in a nutshell as follows:

  1. Bioeffects of EMF are clearly established
  2. Bioeffects with chronic exposures can reasonably be presumed to result in adverse health effects
  3. Low exposure levels are associated with bioeffects
    and adverse health effects at cell tower RFR exposure levels
  4. Evidence for fertility and reproduction effects: human sperm and their dna are damaged
  5. Evidence that children are more vulnerable
  6. EMF has effects on fetal and neonatal stages of growth
  7. EMF / RFR is a plausible biological mechanism for autism 
  8.  EMF puts the the blood-brain barrier at risk
  9. epidemiological studies consistently show elevations in risk of brain cancers
  10. Evidence for genetic effects
  11. Evidence for neurological effects
  12. Evidence for childhood cancers (leukemia)
  13. Linked to melatonin deficiency  breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
  14. Linked to stress proteins and DNA as a fractal antenna for rfr
  15. Evidence for disruption of the modulating signal
  16. Human stem cell DNA does not adapt or repair
  17. EMF and RFR make chemical toxins more harmful
  18. ELF - EMF and rfr are classified as possible cancer-causing agents – why are governments not acting?

It may take some time for the full consequences of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) to become obvious to all. Unfortunately many people may develop very serious health conditions with serious implications both personal and for public health as well.

We are constantly monitoring the exponentially increasing use and diversification of wireless technologies and the scientific evidence on the harmful effects of EMF on our health. We try to constantly keep up to date with technologies and solutions designed for reducing exposure to EMF and associated health risks.

Dr Jon, the coordinator of this site has been involved with research of EMF and its effects on health. Dr Jon believes that in order to reduce EMR exposure and its potentially very serious side effects, while still making good use of technology, we need timely and practical knowledge in order to put into place preventive and protective technological and behavioral measures.

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How to make good use of  this website?

The information is sorted by categories and also by tags. These appear on the right hand side of your screen.  The categories are like chapter names in a book and the tags are used for a more focused specific search like an index in a book. For example –  if I am interested in protection from EMF in general I would select the category EMF protection. On the other hand if I am specifically interested in EMF protection using EMF Shielding then I would select the tag EMF shielding. If I am only interested in EMF shielding paints and not other shielding methods then I would select the even more focused tag like EMF Shielding Paints.

These are the broad categories right now:
1. what is EMF? -this category includes general information on EMF, types of EMF, sources of EMF, EMR related health risks, research and news on electromagnetic radiation and consequences of exposure to this form of radiation.
2. EMF protection – this category includes all methods of protection from EMF radiation including avoiding, reducing, shielding, blocking, neutralizing and eliminating EMF source. This section aims at giving you effective strategies to control EMF exposure in your life and reduce risks of EMF related sickness and dis-ease.
3. EMF detectors – this category includes general information and reviews related to EMF detection devices, both for LF – low frequency EMF (from electricity mainly) and RF – Radio Frequency EMF from cell phones, other mobile devices such as laptops and tablets,  wi-fi routers and wi-max networks.
4. EMF meters –  this category includes general information and reviews related to EMF meters for LF and RF type EMF (see above) and other bands of EMF. The differences between simple electromagnetic radiation detectors and reliable EMF meters is also discussed and explained.
5. Smart Meters – this category includes information  related to smart meters. Their potentially harmful  effects on health, related legal aspects, related activism , how to measure their EMR and how to shield and protect oneself from it if all else failed.

Examples of the more focused tags right now:
1. EMF shielding
2. EMF shielding paints
3. EMF radiation
4. electromagnetic hypersensitivity
5. EMF safe travel
6. EMF on planes
7. EMF in hotels
8. Wi-fi radiation

And the list goes on and on as we add more tags all the time, while trying to keep the number of categories low.

We hope to meet you here frequently in good health as we keep adding more information to help you survive in an electromagnetic polluted world. We invite you to join our mailing list and also to subscribe to our FREE EMF newsletter that will provide you with timely and valuable EMF updates, warning and solutions.

To create positive changes in this very important and potentially hazardous area in our lives we need to get together, work together, share information and support like minded people around the world.

On behalf of EMF Help team I wish you the best of health and success in your efforts to create a safe and healthy living space for yourself and your family.

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